Lesson #7: Drive Traffic

Once everything is ‘live’ and you’re ready to start accepting new subscribers you can begin to think about driving traffic to your squeeze page – after all if nobody ever sees what you are offering you’re never going to build your list!

So let’s get straight into it…

Free Traffic VS Paid Traffic

Getting traffic is not the same for everyone. It depends on your budget!

Here's what I recommend. Figure out asap what you can afford to spend per month on running paid ads, like solo ads and banner ads (two of my favorites).

I have no idea on what your budget is...maybe 10 bucks, maybe 1000, or 100....who knows, but whatever the case, spend your money wisely just like you'd spend it wisely anywhere else. Online advertising isn't magic. So its a good thing to test the waters first before going way big...

And if you don't have ANY ad budget at all, check out the FREE methods below and get ready to spend time.

Because by the end of the day, you will be spending something, time or money, its up to you....

(...THE thing that separates the 6 and 7 figure earners from those who are struggling is because there are people who want instant fast cash online, and chase after shiny objects and all the everything that pops up with claims of «check out this new things», «awesome new system»....etc.... And then, there are people who work to BUILD something that eventually comes in on autopilot at a later date.

Which group do you think has most success? ;)

So what I recommend especially in the case of free traffic, is deciding asap how much TIME you have to set aside daily or weekly.

Plan it out and schedule it. When it's time to do your free advertising whether writing and submitting articles, video, blogging, posting safelist or viral mailer ads or clicking for credits on TE ́s....

Paid Traffic:

Solo Ads, Ad Swapping & Funnel Swaps System

A solo ad is basically where you pay somebody that has a responsive buyer list to send your ad to a number of their subscribers, in the hope that they will join your list and buy your products and services.

Some people will tell you that solo ads are dead and that they are saturated because people are selling to their list over and over again. This is not the case. Solo ads are still the best way to build and grow your list.

My solo ad and ad swap strategy applies to those who have their own email list or list building website or are kean about start building a list... which is simply the best way to quickly generate your own private cash-on-demand email list, fast! This kind of traffic works to any niche...

How to Get Your First 200 Subscribers

In the next section, I’m going to show you how to add 100+ subscribers to your list every single day.

But first, you’ll need to build up an initial seed list of around 200 subscribers.

Once you have 200+ subscribers, you can use that list as leverage to build your list faster using the combined power of ad swaps, funnel swaps, and solo ads.

If your squeeze page converts at 40% you’ll need 500 visitors, to reach your goal of 200 subscribers. That’s enough to get the ball rolling.

To get 500 visitors, you’ll need to spend between $180 and $250 on solo ads. As you can see from the screen shot below, prices vary from 36 to 50 cents per click at Udimi.com.

Simply click “Find Sellers” or “Solo Deals” and click on a sellers name to view the profile page. You can filter the search by date, clicks, price, etc.

On the profile page, you can see where the traffic originates and the percentage of traffic that is filtered.

Udimi has built-in fraud protection so you only get quality traffic.

Click “Buy Solo” to submit your email swipe and select the number of clicks you want to buy (I usually start with 200).

Tip: to increase your opt-in rate, be very specific in your email copy so only people who are genuinely interested in your offer will click.

How to Leverage Your List to Build it Faster

Solo ads are, without a doubt, the easiest way to build a list FAST!

You can easily add 100 to 500 fresh leads to your list every single day with this method alone. And as long as you’re breaking even on your ad spend; you’re essentially building your list for free.

Now I’ll show you how to take your list from a few hundred to a few thousand subscribers very quickly using the methods below...

Method #1: Email Swaps

An email swap is where you make an agreement with another list owner to promote his offer to your list and in return, he promotes your offer to his list (it works for the ladies too). In most cases, you’ll both be promoting a free offer.

I recommend that you not do more than 2 or max 3 swaps per week to your email list. And make sure to choose quality offers that your subscribers can benefit from. You can always politely turn down an ad swap if you don't like the offer you're being asked to send out.

Method #2: Funnel Swaps

In addition to the email swap, you may also want to suggest that you both advertise each other’s freebies on your download pages as a bonus. This can be a simple link, a banner, or even an exit pop! Here’s an example of a banner I give my swap partners:

Where to Find Swap Partners

Safe-Swaps is hands down, the best place to find thousands of ad swap partners who can send you anywhere from 10 to 1,000 clicks per mailing. You don’t need a huge list to get started and scale up fast.

They have everything automated and integrated with the top autoresponder services. They have built-in click and conversion tracking and a rating system to keep marketers honest.

They also have a system for tracking funnel swaps. You upload a banner that you want to display on your partner’s sites.

Then you add the banner code to your download page where you want your partner’s banners to be displayed.

Tips to Improve Your Success

Here are a few tips to help improve your success with ad swaps:

• Don’t base the ad swap solely on the size of the list. Big lists aren’t always responsive. It’s the number of clicks you get that matters most and ultimately, the number of leads.

• Find swap partners with quality, free offers that will actually benefit your subscribers. That’s the best way to maintain a good relationship with your list. • If a swap goes well, ask about setting up a funnel swap.

Combining the power of email swaps, funnel swaps, and solo ads is an extremely effective way to build your list fast! If you take action on what you’ve learned above, you can easily add hundreds of new subscribers to your list every week!

Do not underestimate the vast potential of this system. It’ll definitely be one of the most powerful strategies that you will ever use in your business.

If you've built an email list of at least several hundred subscribers, you can begin doing FREE ad swaps with other email list owners - as mentioned earlier.

You can easily find fellow list owners through the resouces provided just below, and contact them to propose an ad swap.

The way ad swaps work is dead simple: You send their email ad to your list, and they send your ad to their list.

This is one of the reasons why building your own list is so hugely valuable!

When initiating an ad swap with somebody, here's a little template letter that you might find useful - especially in forums, etc...

«Hey guys..

I have a small but fresh and active Internet marketing
list of [x number of subscxribers], who are interested
in list building and making money online. I have openings
to do ad swaps with anybody with a list of approximately
the same size, and who has a quality free offer to promote.

Mine will also be a free offer that your list will totally love.

Please PM with your details and thanks in advance!



This is a great system for building a list of responsive buyers and making money online from affiliate offers to whatever niche you are involved with.

Once you apply the techniques above, you’ll have an automated system that will give you consistent subscribers and income every month.

And if you implement all of the methods outlined above to drive consistent traffic to your landing pages, there’s no limit to how much money you can make every single month.

It does require a budget to start with but provides immense value if done right....

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If you do not have a budget and are willing to put your efforts on spending time online advertising, check out the tips below:

Free Traffic:

As mentioned above, paid vs free traffic is all about what you are willing to spend, time vs money.

Below are some free tips you can use if you are planning on using free traffic.

Video Traffic

Posting videos to YouTube.com is a proven way to get endless free traffic, but does take dedication since you want to BUILD your YouTube "channel" to get subscribers and regular people viewing your videos. Some people think they can post a video and just sit back while it goes viral. But that's the EXCEPTION and not the rule.

It takes a pretty special video to go viral (in most cases).

The "tried and true" method to getting video traffic is submitting consistent videos day by day or week by week, and in that way, building your channel over time as mentioned. With each video, provided you encourage people to subscribe to your channel, you'll get more subscribers... And then with each ensuing video release, you'll have that many more people that will see your latest video uploads. So ultimately you build views, comments, and TRAFFIC.

Click Here For Recommended Resource

Content Marketing and Blogging

You can pretty much count on getting some fairly easy free traffic by writing and submitting short articles to EzineArticles.com and other popular online article directories. If you've got a small budget, you can have a ghostwriter write articles FOR you, for $3-5 a piece. Search the WarriorForum.com for 'article writing' and similar keywords, to find CHEAP writers that come highly recommended.

I also highly recommend creating your own blog. If you're writing articles, or having articles written, post some of them to your blog - and do it regularly. Keep them focused on Internet marketing and making money online (or tightly related topics). Get creative! But also remember that the best incentive to backlink is awesome content! Meaning, if you have great content, you'll have people linking from their site to yours as a reference, etc. There are a lot of advanced SEO strategies that can maximize free traffic to your blog.

But even simply focusing on quality content and quality links back to your site will get you guaranteed traffic that will build over time.

Click here to check out my Content Traffic Strategy

Internet Marketing Forums

Forum marketing involves participating in forums by asking questions or offering advice - just participating in a forum how you normally would...but then in the process promoting your offer in your forum "signature file" which is a little ad or bit of info. that the forum allows you to display at the bottom of all your forum posts - automatically)...

Go to any forum that allow signature files - such as WarriorForum.com - and you'll see what I'm talking about.

The key here is to participate in popular Internet marketing forums. You can do a Google search on "popular Internet marketing forums" or "top 10 Internet marketing forums" to find high traffic forums.

If you are not a member of Darren Olander Marketing Checkpoint forum yet, I recommend you to check it out.


You need to contribute to the forum and take care in doing so. Here's the thing - it doesn't pay off to make "spammy" type posts anyhow, since people won't pay attention to you if you're not providing value (meaning they aren't going to click your signature file link to visit your page)...

A good forum marketing strategy is to browse the forum to see what people are interested in and talking about. Find out what they value, in other words. Look at what types of threads people find value in, based on how many views and comments are in each thread, etc., and go from there.

Not only can forum marketing produce instant, same day traffic... You can also get LONG term traffic as the forum threads you create or participate in are indexed by Google and other search engines. Pretty cool.

Facebook Pages and Groups

Participate on Facebook pages (or in FB groups) related to Internet marketing and making money online. Note that I said participate...meaning hit and run advertising or spam of any kind is not allowed. Just as with forum marketing, you want to contribute useful information or insight into discussions going on, and then when the time feels right, mention your business opportunity.

Recommended Resource

Twitter Traffic

On Twitter, you can follow people involved with Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, online income, etc., and in doing so, get a list of your OWN Twitter followers - since many people that you follow will follow you right back. It's very easy to build Twitter accounts with 1,000+ followers, at which point (and along the way) you can post tweets promoting your biz opp.

Recommended Resource

Banner Ads Advertising

One advantage of the online advertising over the traditional one is that its effectiveness can be easily measured.

Regarding banner ads, the main effectiveness indicator is the click-through rate. The click-through rate (CTR) is calculated by dividing the number of users who clicked on the ad by the number of times the ad was displayed (impressions).

For instance, one might say that a certain ad has a click-through rate of 3%. That means that out of 100 impressions delivered, the banner was clicked on three times.

Therefore, the higher the CTR is, the more effective the advertisement is. It’s that simple. There are some great places online you can use banner ads exchanging for free targeted traffic which converts like crazy and doesnt cost a dime.

Also, most TE ́s and mailers also include the option to add banner ads to show on their website. My personal recommendation?

Do not overlook this type of advertising if you want free traffic on autopilot.

Safelists / Viral mailers:

If you are a fan of free traffic then you might consider sending your ads using free credit based safelists.

Safelists are a great way to put your email ads in front of thousands of people every day without fear of spam complaints. (This type of traffic works best with work at home biz opps niches)


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